The Chickens


Quartet, Primary – The Chickens

Product Description

It’s a busy old life for three chicken friends all cooped up together. They’ve got gossiping to do, egg quotas to reach and they’ve got that fluffed-up noisy cockerel to sort out.


HENNY PENNY A bossy and vivacious hen. She rules the roost and organises the others.

BETSY A mumsy chicken, dedicated to her eggs. Not that bright, but she knows her own mind and doesn’t give two hoots about impressing Cedric.

MATILDA A neurotic and ditsy bird. Smaller than the others and completely uptight about everything. Fearful of her own shadow and anxious to please everyone.

CEDRIC A fluffed up show-off. He doesn’t realise that he is surplus to requirements, but struts around thinking he’s head of the roost.



This quartet is all about the movement and physical theatre of the chickens. The actors need to perfect the struts, pecking and scratching movements of the hens. Oh and the cockerel needs to practice a loud screeching cock-a-doodle-doo!


There aren’t many props required for this duologue. Four stage blocks could be used for the chicken roosts, but they aren’t essential. All the effort needs to go into the costumes.


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