A Dance Drama In Three Acts – Nostracitta

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A Dance Drama In Three Acts

A magical tale of two families living side by side, but leading very different lives. One family, the Blacks, are a prosperous family living the high life in the town of Nostracitta, successful, but oblivious to the troubles of some of the poorer inhabitants of the town. The White family on the other hand have no money and as their mother lies dying in their garret home, the children face a future separated from each other in the work house. Will the White family find a way to stay together and what will they do with the few meagre coins their parents have left them? – spend them on food or spend them on enjoying one last night together at the town’s fairground?

Nostracitta is a tale of love and the power of goodness. As the children cling on to each other in their grief, they put their trust in the goodness of the human spirit and in doing so awaken the goodness that is in all our hearts.


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