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Primary Duologue – Every Child’s Book Of Nursery Rhymes

Product Description

Ever get that feeling of déjà-vu? Well, for Little Bo-Beep and Mary Mary Quite Contrary, they’re stuck in their nursery rhyme book having to relive their rhymes over and over again. But is there any way out?


Mary Mary Quite Contrary is a forceful little soul and stands no nonsense from anyone. She is fairly outspoken, rather sarcastic and probably would have preferred to be a tomboy in dungarees rather than in her pretty floral dress with ribbons in her hair.

Little Bo-Beep is altogether a much more feeble person, rather given to moaning and whining and very easily confused.



This is a fairly simple duologue for two young girls and I’ve found that the younger children can easily identify with these well-known characters from their nursery rhyme books.


There are a few props that are required for this piece, like a watering can and garden rake, but you can go-to-town on the set if you have the inclination. It’s not entirely necessary, but you can decorate the stage to look like Mary Mary’s flower garden.


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