Cold Turkey


Duologues, Secondary – Cold Turkey

Product Description

As well as the burden of his name, Rudolph Smethurst seems to have more to put up with than most of us – including his wife, the family pets and the extended family. He is on a permanent short fuse – much shorter at Christmastime…


Rudolph Smethurst is irritable. Everything gets on his nerves, including his wife! The Christmas cheer has decidedly passed him by and all he wants is to be left alone, but unfortunately his wife, Angelina Smethurst isn’t likely to do that.

Angelina wades along through life, completely unconscious of the suffering of her husband. She feels quite put out by his complaints and has no clue what the fuss is about. She loves the Christmas holidays and social gatherings, especially if she gets to show off a bit to her extended family.



This is a fairly simple duologue to perform, but the skill lies in creating two very disparate characters.


You could keep the set and props to a minimum, but there are a few required set pieces, including digging out the Christmas Tree from the attic!


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