“Can You Hear Me Mother?”


“Can You Hear Me Mother?” – Quartet, Primary

Product Description

Poor old Grandma is a bit deaf. Unfortunately, she’s mishearing some vital information about the whereabouts of her family and her tea!


GRANDMA – A deaf old bird, who mishears and misunderstands everything that’s going on around her. She’s stubborn and forthright and doesn’t mind voicing her opinions.

MUM (MOLLY) – A busy mum, who’s trying to keep the family household running, whilst caring for her elderly mother.

DAD (PETE) – A hard-working Dad, who gets very upset and dejected when he thinks his wife has run off with the next-door neighbour.

DAUGHTER (AIMEE) – A typical teenage girl, whose only priorities are going out to party with her friends. She’s got the usual stance of being embarrassed by the idiosyncrasies of her family and rolls her eyes at all the mishaps that ensue.



This is a fairly simple quartet to perform, but there is plenty of scope for developing characters.


You could keep the set and props to a minimum, but there are a few required set pieces, which include a comfy armchair and side table.


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