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Duologues, Secondary – Boots And Other Stories

Product Description

Two very mis-matched friends set out for what should be a fun-filled weekend hiking trip. But perhaps some people just aren’t meant for the great outdoors!


The two characters in this duologue need to be portrayed as completely different characters. Rebecca is a townee, an office worker whose idea of the countryside is very vague. Her priorities are making sure she looks good whatever the situation and although she is very well-meaning and eager to learn, she has a very limited understanding of life outside of her little city lifestyle.

Evelyn is a tougher cookie altogether. Built for the outdoors, she prides herself on being able to cope with anything the elements throw at her. Imagine her as a grown-up boy scout or a Ray Mears character! Despite all of this, she still is not entirely in control of the situation, much to her dismay.



Even though, there isn’t a great deal of action going on, the skill in this duologue is for the children to annunciate and play on the words in the script. There’s a lot of play on words in this story, which can easily get missed by the audience if they don’t emphasise it.


There’s no set involved in this duologue, but there are props and costumes that will be required that the characters interact with. This script is able to be performed on a small stage.


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