Beyond The Pail


Duologues, Primary – Beyond The Pail

Product Description

Our favourite nursery rhyme characters, Jack and Jill, have become a bit jaded over the years. They’re fed up with their lot and they’re fed up with each other. But could there be some good news around the corner?


Jack and Jill are both tired and fed up. Jill is getting increasingly impatient with Jack and Jack is feeling very sorry for himself. Jill is the typical over-worked, stressed housewife with too many jobs for the hours in the day and could show this with some manic ironing and tidying up. Jack is the down-trodden husband, obsessed with his various aches and pains and looking very dejected when there’s no sympathy forth-coming from his wife.



This can be a very simple duologue to perform, but it can be elevated by good characterisation and use of props. The children need to be very comfortable using the props, especially Jill, so that they don’t fumble and don’t look lost behind a mountain of scenery!


There are necessary props for this duologue that the characters interact with, so there will be a certain amount of collecting the props together, setting up and getting the children to rehearse with the props so that they get used to them.


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