A Couple Of Swells


Primary Duologue – A Couple Of Swells

Product Description

Two tramps have to prepare for a very special and glitzy summer ball, but one tramp is far more enthusiastic about the prospect of a party than the other!


Both characters are dressed as tramps, but their rough-looking clothes hide their mysterious aristocratic upbringings.

Lucretia has delusions of grandeur, despite her lowly current lifestyle. She likes things just-so in terms of her living arrangements and has tried to make the best of things with flowers in a beer can on a crate with a table cloth on it. She thinks she’s gorgeous, loves getting dressed up in her finery, even if her finery has seen better days. She’s desperate for Archibald to keep up with her delusions of living the high-life and gets very frustrated when he clearly can’t be bothered.

Archibald is lazy, bored and hen-pecked by Lucretia. He’s obviously experienced all of her tantrums many times before and has decided that the easiest path is to go along with her crazy plans. Anything for an easy life is his motto! Archibald is best cast as the complete opposite to Lucretia – calm, patient, sarcastic, but killer facial expressions could really make this a great comedic character.

They’re a typical bickering couple. Lucretia constantly nags Archibald and Archibald, like the long-suffering husband, has learnt to fake a tolerant patient expression on his face.



There’s a great deal of characterisation in this duologue and the two children have to work with each other to play against each other’s different personalities. There’s a lot of prop work involved in this piece that needs a great deal of rehearsal – it only works if it’s done crisply and quickly.


There are quite a few necessary props for this duologue that the characters interact with, so time must be spent collecting the props together, setting up and getting the children to rehearse with the props so that they get used to them.


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